What's On Draft? | legit grownup interview (sort of)
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legit grownup interview (sort of)

legit grownup interview (sort of)

Hey guys! We’re so excited and so scared to be launching the show for reals next Monday, February 29th. What if launching on a leap year curses us for eternity? What if our videos suck? What if girls laugh at us? But we must soldier forward; the show must go on.

We teamed up with SDBeerTalk Radio earlier this month to produce their first ever video episode, and you can watch it right meow! It’s a bit long, but it should give you a good idea what we’re all about. Crack open a cold one and enjoy, or don’t. Cheers!

  • Tyler Hamilton
    Posted at 04:07h, 25 February Reply

    I’m excited for the videos yet to come! Cheers guys

  • Jeff
    Posted at 06:35h, 17 June Reply

    Love the show so far. Making my way though them one by one. A lot of fun. I’m also a big fan of SD Beer Talk Radio as well. I do have to admit that I am super bummed you guys did not show the Indie Beer segment and instead went to break. Do you have any B-Roll where this is discussed?

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