What's On Draft? | San Diego Beer Forum – Mar 6, 2016
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San Diego Beer Forum – Mar 6, 2016

San Diego Beer Forum – Mar 6, 2016

Hey guys! I was fortunate enough to be a keynote speaker at this forum where we discussed the state of the San Diego beer industry, andĀ I wanted to get this discussion posted as soon as possible. Thanks to Cosimo for hosting the event, and SD Beertalk Radio for recording the audio track! note: some people are saying they can’t hear this video on mobile, so here’s a direct link to SDBeerTalk’s audio track if you’re having issues. Cheers!

Cosimo meant for this forum to be an ongoing discussion, so please continue the conversationĀ in the comments below, on social media with the hashtag #sdbeerforum , or in the Facebook event thread that Cosimo created here. Cheers!



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