What's On Draft? | short film: Beards of Love
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short film: Beards of Love

short film: Beards of Love

Sleepaway Brew Co returns in this comedy short about their new 501(c)(3), Beards of Love. Beards of Love is a charitable organization that helps struggling brewers achieve the facial hairs necessary to become master brewers. Bearded brewers donate their face locks, which are repurposed into lifelike beards. These real-looking beards are then donated to brewers who want to bring their skill to the next level, but have been previously unable to because of their inability to grow a full beard.

Pledge a few bucks to our Kickstarter by clicking the massive logo above!

Special thanks to Mitch from Culture, Mike Beebe from Hess, Brooks from Coronado, George and John from the Homebrewer, and Leif from Continuum Design and Marketing. Also starring our audio mixer Dylan Hirsch as the salty bartender!

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