What's On Draft? | Season 1 finale
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Season 1 finale

Season 1 finale

Tom writes:
It’s been a long arduous journey, and we’ve met a lot of wonderful people in the brewing industry this season. Also, the singular experience of creating new episodes of a show every Monday while simultaneously running our social media AND a Kickstarter campaign is a hell that I would not wish on my worst enemy. It’s been fun though. Speaking of which, our Kickstarter is still running until June 30th!

kickstarter-logo-light   <— click this link to support season 2. We’re almost there!

If we don’t make our goal, then this entire project into which I’ve dedicated my blood, sweat and tears for nearly 2 years is dead in the water. No big deal though haha. I can pay rent with free beer, right?
Anyhoo, the real reason you’re all here is today’s episode: A parody of the hit series “Dexter” paired with a tour of the previously unseen Ebullition Brew Works in Vista! For the end of season 1, we wanted to look forward to the future. Ebullition will most likely be brewery # 131 or 132 in San Diego county, and there are plenty more in planning. Also, their co-founder Jesse is the guy who sparked Aaron’s love of homebrewing over 5 years ago, so it really brings things full circle. This will be our last episode until January of next year, but only if we meet our Kickstarter goal! So you know, pledge your support by clicking on the Kickstarter logo.

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