What's On Draft? | flight tasting: Burning Beard Brewing
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flight tasting: Burning Beard Brewing

flight tasting: Burning Beard Brewing

Hey everyone! This week’s episode is a flight tasting with the lovely Shannon Lynnette from Burning Beard in El Cajon. She has a mouth like a sailor, and technically you get to see her partially naked for a second in the episode. But to prevent sexism, we have to show you naked boys too. So first up, we get to see Josh Hembree from Setting Sun & Jacob Nikos from Societe Brewing mostly naked. They explain an awesome charity contest they have going on right now before we get into the beer with Shannon. Here’s a link to the charity contest, give it a click or two! http://bit.ly/2lpWNcf

Next week, What’s On Draft is going on hiatus for a month so we can get our shit together. We’ll be back March 13th with a travel episode from Paris, France! See you soon <3

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