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An airplane may have sent me to this page

15 May An airplane may have sent me to this page

Why are people saying 10 Barrel isn’t craft beer? 

Think of it this way: Can you imagine if Wal Mart started buying up farmers markets, and then pretended they were a farmers market, all the while aggressively trying to muscle authentic farmers markets out of business? That’s not unlike what AB Inbev SA/NV is doing with their 10 Barrel branch opening up in San Diego’s East Village. Many San Diego brewery owners & beer industry professionals are against this charlatan moving into our local scene, and all of the surrounding independent breweries in downtown SD have brewed a protest beer called ’11 Barrel IPA’.
For more information about the “11 barrel” release party on May 28th, click here!

For a poignant articulation of the problem we face, read this LA Weekly article.

A few recent examples of AB Inbev SA/NV’s unlawful attempts to manipulate the beer market in their favor:
Example 1      Example 2      Example 3      Example 4

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For more information about independent craft beer, click here!
For independent craft beer events in San Diego, click here!

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