What's On Draft? | Welcome to What’s On Draft!
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Welcome to What’s On Draft!

Welcome to What’s On Draft!

If you’re here, that means you probably love craft beer. Which is great, because that means OMG we totally have so much in common. We’re a team of brewer/filmmakers known collectively as “What’s On Draft?”, and we’re here to showcase some great craft beers made by our colleagues in the brewing industry, all while having fun along the way. Beginning with our launch in 2016, we’ll be posting a new video every Monday morning.

All of our videos will fall into 2 categories: flight tastings with craft brewers, or short films that relate to beer. The important thing is that beer is involved in every aspect of our film production. Now since we don’t actually start posting content on a regular basis until early 2016, we’ll be posting a couple of teaser videos in the meantime to hype up our launch and impress girls that we like.

Our first video will be called “Wet Hopped American Lager” and it will be extremely spooky, just in time for Halloween 2015. Be sure to watch it with a drinking buddy for safety.


(Behind-the-scenes still from Wet Hopped American Lager)


That’s all for now! We look forward to having fun and/or drinking beers with you. Cheers!