What's On Draft? | It’s All Happening!
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It’s All Happening!

It’s All Happening!

Hey folks! Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while, but here’s an update. We’re on track to start posting videos this month, and we couldn’t be more excited! I’ve been slaving away at my editing bay to get everything ready, and people are starting to notice that we exist, which is nice. Craft County Magazine did a lovely write up about us, which you can look at here (we’re on page 52), SDBeerTalk did an episode with us which they’ll be posting on February 22nd, and Mike Sardina accepted my friend request.


It’s been really fun and exciting to build this new project with the help of all my beer industry friends, and I really look forward to sharing the show with you as we move ahead! Here’s a breakdown of the first few episodes so you have an idea of what to expect:

Feb 22 – SDBeerTalk Behind the Scenes / sneak peek

Feb 29 – “Cold Storage”, a factually accurate documentary short about looking for a box of Nelson hops in a coldbox

March 7th – Guided flight tasting @ Coronado with Ryan Brooks

March 14th – Special announcement video about San Diego’s newest brewery! Never before seen.

March 21st – Guided flight tasting @ Culture with Aleks Kostka

March 28th – Brewsanity Beer Workout video

April 4th – Guided flight tasting @ Alpine with Bobby Matthews

And then we’ll keep posting more stuff after that, but you get the idea. Here’s a photo of the boys at Alpine being very hospitable with their imperial stout, “Odin’s Raven”.


Well it’s been fun, but now I have to chug espresso and finish all these episodes. If you want a sneak peek, feel free to join us at Culture OB on February 27th @ 6pm for a special pre-screening of a few episodes! Also follow us on instagram or we hate you. Cheers!