What's On Draft? | About
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What the heck is What’s on Draft?

Based out of Ebullition Brew Works in San Diego county, WOD is a show about craft beer culture produced by me (Tom), my best friend (Aaron),  and my other brewer friends. As brewers ourselves, we wanted to share our inside perspective on the industry we love in the form of these fun, short videos. Make craft beer fun again!

Tom Keliinoi – executive producer

I spent the better part of a decade working on TV shows & films in Los Angeles. After directing & producing “Crafty” and “Beer Trek”, two shows about craft beer, I moved to San Diego in 2014 to develop “What’s On Draft?” with my best friend Aaron. I also worked full-time as an assistant brewer at Acoustic Ales for 18 months. In my free time I like to drive my bright green race car real fast.

Aaron Mayer – producer

I spent many years homebrewing and drinking craft beer before I began co-producing and co-hosting the “Crafty” series. That project led to me working at award-winning San Diego breweries Ballast Point & Mother Earth, before finally earning the title of Head Brewer at Acoustic Ales here in San Diego. I left Acoustic in 2017 to pursue this show, as well as my burgeoning hobby of fidget-spinning.

Aleks Kostka – associate producer

A credentialed biochemist and career goofball, Aleks currently serves as Head Brewer at GABF gold-medal-winning brewery Culture Brewing. She also got naked for the cover of our 2017 sexy brewers calendar, and she loves Adventure Time & peanut butter.

Addison Poth – associate producer

Former head brewer at Back Alley Drafthouse in Albuquerque, Addison brewed with Tom & Aaron at Acoustic before moving on to his current position as a brewer at Culture Brewing. He is also the head brewer at Liberty Call Distilling, and he is very handsome.

Jesse Johnson – digital intern

A career commercial truck driver turned beertender currently pinch hitting for Eppig Brewing. Jesse started using Instagram almost a year ago when he was gifted a T-Mobile Sidekick from his late great uncle Donald’s estate.